Pickling & Passivation

Pickling and Passivation

Do it with excellence or not at all.

From creating a Defect Resolution & Root Cause Analysis Program with a goal of 100% defect-free service quality and performance to having a dedicated Safety Director ensuring safety compliance and advancing a culture of accident prevention, every decision we make is made with excellence in mind.  Why?  Because excellence is our standard - a standard never compromised.  We believe every element that affects our customers' experience needs to withstand the demands of excellence, right down to the valves and hoses we purchase.  After all, when your goal is to deliver a service experience not found anywhere else, sometimes the smallest details could have the most profound effects.


Astro Pak Capabilities



Part and System Cleaning Experience


  • Vessels, Pumps, Valves, Piping, Tubing and More 
  • High Purity Gas and Liquefied Gas Systems
    • Breathing Air 
    • Fuel Hydrogen 
    • Inert Gas Argon Helium Nitrogen 
    • Oxidizer Chlorine Fluorine Oxygen Ozone 
    • Fuel RP-1 Hydrazine Liquid Hydrogen (cryogenic)  
    • Hydraulic Fluid 
    • Lubricating Oil 
    • Fuel Hydrogen  
    • Inert Helium Nitrogen  
    • Oxidizer Chlorine Oxygen


Standards Met


  • ASTM A380 
  • ASTM A967 
  • AMS QQ-P-35-D 
  • Client Protocol Specifications

For more about passivation, please visit our Learning Center.

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