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Ultra Pass® Passivation: Ultra Pass® is Astro Pak’s proprietary citric acid chelant-based passivation process. Producing high surface chromium levels, it creates the optimal corrosion resistant passive surface.

High Velocity Oil Flushing: High velocity oil flushing is an effective process for removing loose scale and particulate from lube oil, hydraulic and fuel oil systems.

Pickling and Passivation: Useful for removing weld color or scale from the surface of steel, pickling is the non-selective removal of surface contaminants or "etching". Passivation must be performed after pickling to ensure proper passive layer formation.

Vapor Degreasing: Vapor degreasing is a simple yet highly effective cleaning process that involves solvents in vapor form to cleanse parts of organic residues such as grease and oils.


Disinfection: Astro Pak’s disinfection process incorporates a sanitization step after biocleaning to disinfect systems and components. We also assist customers who are challenged with biofilm issues or microbial influenced corrosion.

Precision Cleaning: We can perform precision cleaning services in our Cleanroom, shop or at your project location. Effective for removing particulate and/or other inorganic and organic residues from parts or systems prior to their service, cleanliness is verified through analytical methods. Precision cleaning is evaluated by the measurement of micron-sized particles and PPM (or mg/ft2) of residue contaminants.

Process Verification Testing: Astro Pak offers process verification services that ensure the cleanliness of high purity gas and fluid systems as well as optimal surface concentrations of atomic elements for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing: We perform hydrostatic and pneumatic testing services to 10,000 psi for many different fabrication materials including stainless and carbon steel, composites and other exotic alloys and materials.

Oxygen Cleaning: Oxygen cleaning services can be performed in our Cleanroom, shop or at your project location. Effective for removing combustible contaminants from the surface of components or systems utilized in oxygen enriched environments, cleanliness is verified through analytical methods.

Pipeline Pigging: Astro Pak’s pipeline pigging processes are an efficient and cost-effective cleaning method to remove product build-up, foreign matter or loose sediment in pipeline systems.


Professional Consulting:

Electropolishing: Astro Pak's Electropolishing service provides optimal Ra (Roughness Average) finishes to your equipment, vessels, tanks and systems. The result is a microscopically flat, smooth and featureless surface which helps to enhance cleanability and appearance of stainless steel components, hardware and parts. Expert Polishing technicians will prepare the surface area for our Electropolishing process. The result is that we will meet or exceed the original specified finish, and match or eliminate existing grain.

Clean Assembly: For components requiring stringent cleanliness levels, Astro Pak provides cleaning and assembly services in our Cleanroom.

Professional Consulting: Astro Pak provides technical expertise on a consulting basis to ensure better design, start-up operations and solution of difficult problems encountered in high purity water and critical utility systems.

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